Our human simulation software is optimized to create scenarios only hours before training exercises begin. We have characters with brains built from layers on layers of artificial intelligence.                                                                          

Human characters that intelligently interact with your training simulation. These characters know what to do over the course of the day, they know how to find their way around the environment, they respond to other entities in the simulation, and they make seamless transitions from one activity to the next, all while moving naturally like real people.

The DI-Guy product line includes ECOSim ready built for training, Lifeform Server to inject characters into your simulation environments, DI-Guy Scenario (with AI) for authoring human performances, DI-Guy SDK so you can integrate characters into your visual systems, and tools to create new characters or modify the thousands that come with all DI-Guy products. Save your time and money – create outstanding simulations with DI-Guy.


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